Saturday, 5 February 2011

On come the training wheels

After starting my blog a little over two months ago, I've gone past the stage where I was wondered if I was indeed committed to blogging (My first post was called Yikes! I'm trying to Blog...).  

I can see this blog developing and with so many supportive comments received along the way, it's something I will pursue in the longer term.  Having said that, it is still in its infancy and I'm still learning the ropes hence you'll find a whole host of funny colour combinations and layouts till date.  I can't promise this won't stop, hence I decided to rename the blog "Blogging with Training Wheels" as this is actually how it feels right now.

To those who've given me some constructive feedback over the period, thanks for that.  For those who found the previous colour schemes unreadable, I hope this is better.  For those who don't understand why I blog, please stop reading it, no one's forcing you (sorry to be blunt).  To anyone aspiring to start a blog, go for it!