Thursday, 2 December 2010

Yikes! I'm trying to Blog...

Am I too late to join the party?  Am I committed enough?  Is this for me?  Do I have enough interesting things to talk about?

These are all questions that have gone through my mind every time I've ever thought about starting a blog through the years.  I've always thought I wouldn't have enough to say or the time to maintain a blog but I guess you never know until you don't start so here goes.

Today is a rather convenient day to start with it being a public holiday here in the UAE and the country celebrating it's 39th anniversary.  While most people aren't citizens here, there is a sense of pride we all share whether we be expats or Emirati's.  The achievements of UAE have been remarkable in such a short period of time and even though the challenges of the last couple of years has proved to difficult, it has been good to see everyone so proud of the country.

As proud as I am to have been here, I'm also smart enough to now know through years of experience you should be nowhere near Beach Road today.  Unless like you like sitting in a car for hours on end, it's a "No Go Zone."

So go ahead, enjoy yourself today, have a great weekend and make the most of the fantastic weather out there.