Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Flash Mob Moment

After spending the last week in Las Vegas, you probably should expect the unexpected and I honestly thought I was going to get one while shopping at a fashion store in Vegas.

What caused it?  Well, it was a song.

Which song? "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train.

What did I think it would cause? A Flash Mob.

What is a Flash Mob? Check out the video link below from the movie "Friends with Benefits" to learn more.

What did I think was going to happen?  The song played in the store and I heard at least three or four people react.  There were either people singing or humming the song suddenly and being in Vegas, I thought they would break out into a Flash Mob moment.  

What did happen?  Everyone continued shopping and the humming stopped when the next song played.

What can you do now?  Watch a Flash Mob video to "Hey, Soul Sister" I found on YouTube below.

My Experience with Booth Babes at CES

While at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month, I got an e-mail from Stuart Wilson, who is part a part of DISTREE, that he had seen me on a BBC news report at CES.

This rather intrigued me as I hadn't spoken to any press while I was there except for a short phone interview I had done with Dubai Eye, so I wondered what I was doing in the BBC news report.  Stuart was kind enough to send me a link and much to my amazement, I was indeed in a story the BBC had done in Vegas called "Booth Babes Stir Controversy at 2012 CES."

I know the old adage of "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" but the BBC could've blown my cover if I was indeed a part of the story.  Sadly though, the image of me on camera was only a brief one as there is a shot of a female model at the Nikon booth at CES and there I am walking past her, looking at my phone, not realizing that I'm on camera (The link to the story can be seen by clicking here and fast forwarding to 2:18 mins into the story to see me).

This isn't the first time I've become a by-product of a scandalous story as I came on ESPN's website several years ago in a story called "Murder by Cricket" which was about the death of Bob Woolmer, Pakistan's cricket coach during the ICC World Cup.  I just happened to be staying at the same hotel as the journalist who wrote the story and I never knew he was doing a story on Bob Woolmer.  I was just having a casual chat with him and he said he may use a few quotes for a story he was doing on cricket in general.

In any case, I learned my lesson.  The next day at CES, I saw a camera crew from Sky News and I made it a point to walk around them and remain as far out of the camera's shot as possible as I think I had my fair share of would-be scandal for this year.