E-Commerce in the UAE

For a while I've been asked my my views on E-Commerce in the UAE and it's often been frustrating because there is so much to say but it's not something you can package into a five minute blurb.  To do so would be a injustice as this region is unique and it would be impossible to talk about why this region in simple bullet points.

That's what prompted me to write the series on E-Commerce in the UAE.  It is a series of four posts and fairly comprehensive.  I've written all of this based on personal observations and my only hope is that people don't fall into the trap of generalizing what the future of E-Commerce will be in the UAE by using models that have come out of the West.

To read the full series, click on the links below:

E-Commerce in the UAE: Part 1 - What Sells Online
E-Commerce in the UAE: Part 2 - The Retail Experience
E-Commerce in the UAE: Part 3 - Government Regulations
E-Commerce in the UAE: Part 4 - Sustainability of an E-Commerce Business

<Update: 4 Dec, 2012>
E-Commerce retailer, JadoPado.com covered some analysis of these posts on their blog which is worth a read.

I hope you enjoy what you read.  I long it's long and verbose but like I said, I didn't want to take shortcuts where possible.

Ashish Panjabi
July 2012


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