Movember 2013 - The Year of the Mustachepreneurs

Movember is around the corner and as I did last year, I've decided to be a part of the movement to promote men's health this year.  There are a couple of changes though as compared to last year.

1. I'm participating in Movember with some members of the Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) and we've called this year's event, Mustachepreneurs.  We've got members from across the region taking part in this effort so if you see a bunch of men who look like corrupt cops, don't worry, they're probably fellow EO members doing their thing to promote men's health.

If you want to find us, go to:

2. I've decided in keeping with the theme of promoting men's health, I'd also adopt a healthier lifestyle in November.  This is tough as Diwali overlaps with Movember and it's difficult to keep away from all the sweets that'll be on display but it's about self discipline ultimately.  I'm also traveling a couple of times during the month but I'll make every attempt to ensure I maintain a healthy balance.

3. I will continue to blog about men's health issues and if you've got any topics or have any posts you'd like to share on my blog during this month, I'd be happy to post them.

Updates and pictures will follow as well as links to stories I've put together for Movember.  My main motivation is not to raise money per se, though this is welcome but more to create an awareness for the cause.

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Movember 2012 - The Rookie Year

I've decided to grow some facial hair above my lip this month and be a part of Movember.  I've decided to post a few articles on men's health and some other links to Movember related stories that I'm coming across during the month.

To visit my Movember page, click here where donations are gladly being accepted.
Movember Day 11

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