Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Movember Rain

So Movember is now and truly over.  

I'm clean shaven.  
I feel like I should be in a
Daniel Pearl movie
I look ten years younger (or so I've been told). 

I don't need to worry about accidentally shaving off bits of hair above my lip.  

I can finally enjoy soup without having to keep a pack of tissues nearby.  

People don't tell me that they'd be scared to see me in an alleyway.

I'm not mistaken for a movie star from the 1980's anymore.

I'm not told I've got black fungus growing on my face (though there were a few grey strands in there as well).

I enjoyed the moustache for the month but am glad I only had to keep it on for a month.

Will I do it next year?  Probably.

Did I raise much money?  No, but that was never my motivation.  I wanted to increase awareness for men's health issues.

Did I generate the sort of awareness I wanted to?  Honestly speaking, probably not.  I'd probably spend more time in the future researching the material as this was my big issue this time around.  

Happy to be clean shaven again.
Am I thankful?  Yes, I had some good friends including Nameer Al-Durrah, John Martin St. Valery, James Piecowye and Saket Burman (who decided to join us midway through the month) who also grew a Mo.  

Am I thankful?  Yes, because I had a lot of people who helped amplify the cause whether be in the  press, social media or friends or family who spoke about it.

Am I thankful? Yes, because I had a wife and kids that tolerated the moustache for the month and still continued to feed me or go out with me.

My only regret this Movember was that the day it rained in Dubai, I wasn't in town so missed my opportunity to enjoy some Movember Rain.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, here's a link to my dedicated Movember page.

Thank you all for your support during Movember and I hope to see more of you sporting a Mo next year.