Sunday, 30 December 2012

India, Mind your Language

Setting an example.  This is what it all boils down to.  After the recent public outpouring we've seen in India, questions of morality and societal functions have been raised.

It's been a blame game.  Do we blame the police, politicians, families of victims, lawyers, judges, corrupt systems, the media or Bollywood?  

The fact is we're talking about respecting women.  Anyone who is from India knows that when cursing someone, mothers and sisters are what are referred to in a derogatory fashion.  If you want to talk about respect, it starts with cleaning up your language.  
The next time you swear or hear someone swear, make them aware of the fact.  There is no need to involve anyone's mother or sister.  

It may not sound like much, but if society has to change, these small changes are a first step we can make.