Sunday, 13 February 2011

Would Egypt's People Power Revolution have succeed in the Bush Era?

I don't often get political in public but with the events of the last week in Egypt, most of the world was probably stunned to see how people power caused a revolution in Egypt.  While the actions of the protestors were largely peaceful and restrained (considering how it could've escalated and become much more gruesome), it left me wondering, at another time, with another leader in command of the United States, would things have been different?

I don't know if the reason we didn't see a reaction from Barack Obama was because he was indecisive or whether he really wanted people power to sort itself out, but with his predecesor, George W. Bush, things may have taken a very different turn.

  • Would Bush have sent in the troops?  
  • Would he be talking of "liberating" the Egyptian people?  
  • Would he have gone to war against 80 million people?  
  • Would he cause more ripples in the Arab world than there already is?  
  • Would he have used it as an excuse to go after Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen or Iran?

The honest answer is I don't know.

The only thing I do know though is that I'm more comfortable in knowing he wasn't in The White House when these events unfolded because it's too scary to think what if...

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