Friday, 20 April 2012

Well done Alexander!

A few months ago, I downloaded a book on my Kindle called Olives which was written by Sharjah-based Alexander McNabb.  It was McNabb's first published book and after jumping through a lot of hoops over the years to get himself published, McNabb succeeded in long last in releasing the book.

Knowing Alexander, I downloaded the book on my Kindle the day it was up for sale as a show of support.  I did however have another four books in the queue to read at that time and unfortunately didn't get around to starting Olives until a few days ago.  Six days later, I finished it.  I should have started reading the book I downloaded it.

If I'm being totally honest, I bought the book more because I knew the author than for any other reason.  I figured it would be half decent and was more than pleasantly surprised when I finished the book this week.  It was a real page turner and it got to the point that  midway through the book, I forgot the book was written by someone I knew.

Alexander McNabb pondering away. Image: gulf

There aren't too many of us who can say we know successful authors in our region but I'm glad to see people like Alexander McNabb create a legacy not only for themselves but for the region in general.

I'm now waiting for Alexander to sell the movie rights because I'm keen to know who gets cast in the role of the sultry Aisha Dajani.

Well done Alexander and hold your head up high in knowing that you've made at least one more fan in me.

To follow Alexander and his works, find him on the following links: