Thursday, 26 May 2011

Gagging Gaga - Why can't we download music legally?

I saw a story this morning that has really bugged me (click here to read it).  Amazon and Apple have been battling it out in world of MP3 music downloads and seeing stories like this really bugs me.  

Living in the Middle East, we don't have any real sources to download music from legally and I don't see when we can expect this either.  
Gaga with a Gag order in the Middle East

As much as we talk about progress in the Middle East, we seem to be moving backwards as far as progress in music publishing rights go, which as a result only encourages music piracy.  Creating a source for legal downloads would eliminate go some way to eliminating the problems that the big record companies complain about.  If record companies want to complain about piracy, they should first give us an avenue for downloading music legally in this region as asking us to buy CD's from our local record store isn't the solution.

I'm not saying all of this because I didn't get to take advantage of Lady Gaga's US$ 0.99 download promotion offer for her latest album but as much as I like my gadgets, I'd like to see the content available for us to enjoy it.

End of rant.